After care

NO TANNING (sun or sunbeds) 24 hours before and after waxing

Please refrain from waxing if you are currently using Glycolic Acid, Retin A or Roaccutane, as well as if you have any sort of rash, infection, or skin disorder. Let your technician know about any medications you are currently using.

Avoid soaking in a hot tub/bath & heavy sweating for 24 hours after your waxing (yes, this means no hanky panky!).

Do not shave or use depilatory cream between waxes. This will distort hair growth and also allow your roots to strengthen (ouch!).

Regular waxing is recommended every 4-6 weeks which will provide thinner, smoother, and slower growing hair.

Do not pick ingrown hairs which can cause infection. Instead, wait until your appointment and talk to your esthetician

Medical Alert

Waxing is safe and effective, and there are very few side effects for most people. However, certain medications and skin types are more susceptible to problems than others, so please consult with a doctor if you have any concerns.
If you are prone to have Gastric Acid, this can change the skins pH level to be more acidic; sometimes resulting in a burn or causing the skin to lift during the waxing process. We recommend that you take an anti-acid 45 minutes prior to your wax treatment to help prevent any side effects.

It is important to let us know prior to your appointment as well as the Esthetician performing your service if you are using Accutane*, Retin-A, Tazorac, or any other topical or oral medications. Using certain medications and topical creams or gels may affect the outcome of a waxing service.

*We cannot wax you if you are on Accutane or for several weeks after using Accutane.